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looking at DEBTORS consolidation and an EXTENSIVE AGE ANALYSIS reporting solution with your Pastel Partner product ?
Link one Customer account to many others – to create consolidated statements
Link Customer accounts over multiple Sage Pastel companies
Print Age Analysis as far as 180 days back
Print Analysis per Cost Code
Print Receipts Analysis


a comprehensive delivery scheduling and tracking module suitable for any business where deliveries and scheduling require tracking
Create trip sheets and load sheets per vehicle
Link Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Invoices to trip sheets
Capture mileage travelled on trip sheet
View trip sheet per customer / vehicle
View Goods returned list, Documents not signed off and Invoices not yet scheduled


Specialised Invoicing

An add-on module to Sage Pastel Partner and Xpress, integrating seamlessly and is designed to be customised for specific industry needs.

LetsInvoice – enhance the power of Sage Pastel.
Industry specific - SQM

1.Plate Glass / Aluminium / Flooring and Tiling Industry

Square metre / Linear metre invoicing
Add dimensions ( l x w ) and petrol levy to invoices
Rounding measurements
Print quantity and units if measure on invoices

2. Service industry – job cards

Create ad hoc / recurring Job Cards
Add Service Teams, Service Categories and Job Types to Job Cards
Add inventory items to Job Card, link Job Card to any document type
Enter work done by technician on Job Card
View Calendar to see open and closed jobs
Setup e-mail groups
Convert Job Cards to Invoices


Capture detailed claim information
Calculates final amount after excess
GL Account specifically for excess amounts

4. FUNCTIONS / HIRING industry

Items invoiced not taken out of stock
Add delivery, function and collection date
Reporting on Items available or required
Option to charge for breakages


Additional value columns
Order Tracking
Enter number of days x quantity x price
Create Purchase Order from Sales Order
Create a Quote from Purchase Order
Print Kit Items consolidated onto one line
Show picture while processing
Create recurring invoices

6. Reporting

Apart from Industry-Specific Reporting:
Stock Forecasting
Inventory Cost Vs Selling
Document Link Details
Order tracking dashboard
Order tracking station history
Delivery Time Analysis
Picture Catalogue


discover seamless Sage Pastel integration with Letsap 3rd party plugins


A branch accounting solution for Sage Pastel Partner and Xpress between multiple locations via email or FTP site
Transfers all updated data between selected branches and Head Office
Transfers new and changed master records
Send Bank Reconciliation
Send updated inventory prices to branches
Unlimited branches
Data can be synchronised independently, or as part of consolidated company at Head Office
Consolidated companies require Sage Pastel Multi-Stores to control stock between branches
The Setup Wizard it used to create the branches’ data
NEW!!! Export and Import while working in Sage Pastel
Add additional branches via the new wizard
Autosync more than once per day at selected intervals
Data can be synchronised at certain intervals during the day, at certain times and on certain days only
Or as often as required, by manually exporting and importing data in LetsSync with a one-click process
A small encrypted text file containing all the new information will be created
Every location requires their own unique reference number
Import via Autosync or manually as often as required
The small encrypted text file containing all the new information will then be imported
The imported data will now be available in the Sage Pastel company, and ready for further processing
You can resend previous exports
You can also Rollback (Undo) previous imports

Note (Limitations of Export)

Limitations – not sent via LetsSync
Everything in Sage Pastel under the Setup Menu
Any changes to additional delivery addresses
Changes to GL master accounts
Each location should run their own FYE, and notify the rest