Values & Approach

Our name LETSAP, although initially set to state our commitment and promise of knowing PASTEL backwards has over the years been refined, moreso as we have stepped into being a full business solutions boutique ..

the 1st three characters in our name represent our VALUES, being

1. (l)oyalty, of

- our people, which inevitably is the strength of our business
- our clients, which is basis and driver of our passion
- our brands, which underlines our positioning

2. (e)xcellency, of

- product(s)
- service
- delivery

3. (t)rust, of

- our people
- our clients
- our brand owners

the 2nd and last three characters in our name represent our APPROACH to engagement, being

4. (s)ymbiotic, because

- our clients are ultimately our partners
- our products and service, our niche
- our brand, our strength

5. (a)gility, in

- engagement
- solution offering
- recourse

6. (p)ragmatic, as

- our solutions are practical, relevant and custom driven to individual businesses
- our client's end in sight forms our rear view mirror in engagement
- our client's success forms our benchmark

We propose to trade under the same promises and to maintain a high tradition for quality, prompt and courteous service.