Auditing & Reporting


Business is continuously faced with increasing constraints, one of these being reporting requirements.

Excel Genie

The Pastel BIC Excel Genie puts flexible financial reporting in the hands of the end-user, removing the bottleneck of requests to a company’s IT department. The Pastel BIC Excel Genie doesn’t require a user to understand the technical nature of databases and database queries. Within an hour users will understand the majority of the functionality available to them to leverage within Pastel BIC Excel Genie.

Pastel Business Intelligence (BIC)

By going ‘Beyond Accounting’, Sage Pastel is able to offer you an innovative and flexible Excel-based financial reporting software tool for small, medium and large enterprises (SME’s). The Sage Pastel Business Intelligence Centre dynamically links to Microsoft Excel – and as long as the information is stored in an accessible database, you can access sales, financials, inventory and purchasing reporting.

Pastel Auditor (Support Only)

Increasing the efficiency of Auditors and Accountants during the engagement process will save time and money – two things that businesses always need more of! With Sage Pastel Auditor, getting to grips with the business is simpler, easier and faster. With Sage Pastel Auditor, you can analyse trends, produce management accounts, as well as a full set of financial statements with notes. In a matter of minutes, it provides you with the “big picture” view of your client’s business, making your job of analysing the data more meaningful.


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